What is digital retinal imaging?

Digital retinal imaging is a test performed within the office by one of our specialists technicians using an instrument that scans the retina in the back of the eye. The scan is then converted to a digital image, which allows the doctor to “read” the surface of the retina for any issues. The retina is a light-absorbing structure at the back of the eye that allows one to see.

The importance of retinal exams

During traditional eye exams, the eye doctor will use a magnifying instrument to view your retina through the front of your eye. It is important for the doctor to check the health or your retina, as many serious retina conditions can be spotted early and addressed before they can progress.

Digital retinal imaging provides a more rigorous look at the retina than a traditional exam would allow. If you see the same eye doctor year-after-year, the scanned digital image could be used to compare to previous years’ scans to track the health of the retina over time.

Westchester Eye Surgeons has performed digital retinal imaging for its patients for more than a decade. We are one of the leading practices for eye surgery in Chicago with offices conveniently located directly west of Chicago to better serve all of our clients.

Our office has helped patients for more than 20 years and is headed by Dr. Spero J. Kinnas – one of the leading eye surgeons in Chicago.

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