Eye Surgery Technologies

Westchester Eye Surgeons are dedicated to staying at the forefront of eye surgery in Chicago. We utilize the latest, most effective technologies and procedures to treat an extremely wide array of eye health issues. This page features some of the advanced eye surgery technologies and instruments we use to treat and diagnose a wide range of eye health issues.

Catalys Laser

This advanced laser technology is used for incision placement and lens fragmentation during cataract surgery

VISX S4 Excimer LASIK Laser

Advanced laser technology for performing Laser Vision Corrections

VISX Wavefront Wavescan Analyzer

Assists in mapping refractive modification for Laser Vision Corrections

Argon/Krypton/Yag Lasers

In office Laser used to care for diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, implant (IOL) opacities and other ocular conditions

IOLMaster Implant (IOL) Calculator

Assists in determination of implant (IOL) type for cataract surgery

Ocular Axial Length Analyzer

Determines optical length of the eye. Useful for determining certain cataract implants (IOLs).

Zeiss Fundus Photographer & Angiographer

Monitors retinal conditions and evaluates blood flow for the care of diabetic retinopathy, wet macular degeneration and other ocular blood vessel conditions

AMO Compact Phacoemulsification System

Ultrasonic device used in cataract surgery

Pentacam Corneal Topographer

Assists in mapping ocular surfaces and evaluating optical and corneal conditions

Optic Nerve and Retinal Scanner

An optical signal acquisition and processing device that captures and displays three dimensional images of the optic nerve and retinal layers of the eye’s interior

NIDEK Autorefractor / Keratometer

A computer-controlled machine used to determine an eye’s spectacle correction.

Visual Field Analyzer

Evaluates peripheral vision issues in patients with glaucoma, neurological and other medical conditions that could affect vision