You may have already heard of Laser Vision Correction (also known as LASIK). Maybe a relative, friend, or even your eye care professional has suggested you get it. But what exactly is LASIK?

Put simply, LASIK is an eye surgery that reshapes the optical qualities of the human cornea so viewed images can be clearly focused.


Pentacam Topographer

Pentacam Topographer

What Does a LASIK Screening Involve?

A LASIK screening consists of a non-eye drop scanning of the cornea. The device used in our practice to scan the cornea is a Pentacam Topographer.

You simply sit in front of the scanner that will capture digital images of the shape and size of the eye that would be treated by LASIK. The Pentacam can generally identify the patients that could have LASIK, but more importantly, screens out poor candidates. Individuals that are not optimal LASIK candidates would avoid incurring the costs for comprehensive testing at our office.


What Conditions Can LASIK Treat?

Patients with the following sight issues may be good candidates for LASIK, however an eye surgeon will need to do a thorough evaluation before determining if LASIK is right for you:

  • People who are nearsighted – those who cannot see objects that are far away, such as street signs
  • People who are farsighted – those who cannot clearly see or read objects close to them, such as books or newspapers
  • People with astigmatism – those who have a difficult time seeing many objects clearly from any distance due to the shape of their eyes


After a LASIK Screening, What Next?

LASIK Surgery Image

LASIK Surgery

LASIK screenings are outside eye surface and optical measurements. The actual laser surgery depends on optical properties inside the eye. If the screening suggests you are a potential candidate for surgery a comprehensive dilated exam needs to be performed.

The need for the dilated exam is to make sure there are no eye conditions that are not picked up during the screening.


Can I Return to My Previous Eye Care Provider?

Absolutely. The LASIK screening is a free service and not intended to interfere with your present eye care provider’s oversight of your eye health. Please maintain your follow-ups with your eye care provider.


Schedule a FREE LASIK Evaluation Now

Yes you can. Our staff will arrange an appointment for your LASIK evaluation. Please note that our LASIK evaluations include dilation drops. If you have trouble seeing after dilation you may wish to have a friend or family member drive after your examination.

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