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    Astigmatism and Astigmatism Correction

    Astigmatism develops when the corneal focusing surface of the eye is not spherical. Instead the cornea has different curvatures of focus creating image splitting blurred vision.


    Astigmatism splits focus locations resulting in blur

    Correction of most astigmatism can be optical (glasses and contact lenses) or surgical (Laser Vision Correction – LASIK).

    To evaluate the curvatures of the eye it is necessary to take measurements. Instruments that for such determinations could be a basic optical keratometer:


    Optical keratometer



    Or for more complex evaluations a digital topographer:

    digital pentacam topographer

    Digital pentacam topographer

    Treating Astigmatism

    Glasses can be prescribed to restore image clarity by joining the blurred separated images:

    astigmatism treatment glasses

    Glasses bring split images closer

    Similarly with contact lenses:

    contacts treat astigmatism

    Contact lenses bring split images closer

    In select cases astigmatism patients can benefit from Laser Vision Correction LV or LASIK surgery. If a patient has a clinically significant cataract and coexisting stigmatism corrected femtosecond lasers can be used to address both conditions in one setting.


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